Junior High

I attended Hillcrest Junior High school (7th, 8th, and 9th grades) from fall 1959 to spring 1962.  For most of its history, Fayetteville had only one junior high school, but in 195x, it added a second one, Woodland Junior High.  When the two teams played each other in sports, it was Cowboys (Woodland) vs. the Indians (Hillcrest).

While Woodland students were accommodated in new buildings, Hillcrest was located in buildings that had served as Fayetteville High School from xx to xx.  The main building was a creaky old two story structure. Adjacent to the main building was the gym, which could be described as a "band box" where physical education classes and school assemblies were held. The phys ed classes had dressing rooms downstairs.

Teachers and Principal

Mr. Taylor

Mrs. Hodges

Mrs. Schurfranz

Mrs. Rae

Mrs. Gwaltney

Mr. Smith

Mr. Benton

Mr. Raney

Substitute teachers

Mr. Fred Starr

Mrs. Shepard



Coach Mac Harness

Football (Seventh Grade)

Football (8th and 9th grades)

Basketball (7th grade)

Basketball (8th and 9th grades)

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