Mrs. Taylor Biology Class, 1963

Mr. and Mrs. Taylor were two of the excellent teachers that we had in Fayetteville. Mr. Taylor taught science at Hillcrest Jr. High. Also, I was in his home room class. He once had a parent-teacher conference with my parents and his observed to them: "Danny is a pretty smart kid but he is really lazy." So, true.

Mrs. Taylor taught biology at Fayetteville High School. She exuded competence and confidence in her teaching.  I was both impressed and a little afraid of her. She told us that our grade would not be based on our absolute scores, but on how well we did compared to our abilities. (Yikes! Had her husband told her I was a lazy bum?)

Here is a pop test that Mrs. Taylor gave us on March 23, 1963. I'm not sure how she or any teacher put up with my atrociously crude handwriting. If I had not been so lazy, I would have improved it.

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